Questions & Answers


When was Claim Savvy Practice Management, LLC established?


Where are you located?

Claim Savvy operates out of Glendale Arizona

Do you provide services to physician practices and facilities outside of Arizona?

Yes, Claim Savvy provides services to all physician practices and facilities in the United States.

Does Claim Savvy have business insurance?

Yes, plan covers professional liability and general liability.

Experience & Employees

What experience do your employees have?

Claim Savvy employees are experienced and trained in customer service, practice management, billing, coding, medical auditing, in network and out of network claim submissions, and more. All employees are required to go through HIPAA Privacy and Security training's every two years.

Do you have references?

Yes. All Claim Savvy employees have a CV, references, and/or letters of recommendations available to send per Doctor's request.


Do you have benchmarks/standards for your employee’s performance?

Yes, accuracy and productivity audits are performed on all employees regularly. 

What local, state, or national associations are you affiliated with?

AAPC American Academy of Professional Coders

NHA National Healthcare Association

NASE National Association for the Self Employed

NAMSS National Association Medical Staff Services

Other miscellaneous websites, social media groups, blogs, journals, etc.

Services and Fees

Are there start-up fees and costs?

Yes. Dependent on the number of providers in the physician practice or facility, there will be a one-time service set-up fee due within ten (10) business days after a Service Agreement is signed.

When are invoice payments due?

Invoices will be sent to Doctor on the 5th of the month for the previous month’s collections and services. Invoices must be paid within ten (10) business days upon receipt. Accepted forms of payment include mailed check, online credit/debit, or transfers.

Who will handle the clearinghouse costs?

Doctor will be responsible for the cost of clearinghouse unless otherwise agreed upon.

Do you charge a percentage fee or hourly fee for services?

Claim Savvy has many services to chose from - dependent on what types of service you include in your service package will determine how services are invoiced. Claim Savvy will provide a Service Proposal to review prior to both parties signing a Service Agreement.

Do you conduct ‘in office’ visits?

Yes, depending on the location of the practice or facility.

Visits include consulting and training services at no additional charge

(maximum 4 hours - anything over 4 hours will be invoiced to Doctor at an agreed upon rate)

Compliance & IT Support

Are you HIPAA compliant?

All staff are HIPAA certified and adhere to all HIPAA guidelines and precautions. Claim Savvy researches and updates HIPAA regulations, CMS guidelines, coding updates, and more on a monthly basis.

What are your IT component options/recommendations? 

Office Workstation Option (Low Quality - Temporary)

   Doctor provides complete computer set-up that will not be used by Doctor's staff in office. Claim Savvy will cover the monthly cost per user for IT support which includes remote access setup, monitoring and antivirus. Claim Savvy will also cover the cost of any additional IT support.


Server Option (Best Quality - Highly Recommended)

   Doctor will cover the purchase cost of the server and the monthly cost for IT support as well as any additional support costs regarding the Doctor’s server. Claim Savvy will cover the monthly cost of any additional IT support NOT including the Doctor’s server.​

Cloud-Based Option

   Claim Savvy will be provided with necessary login capabilities and credentials by Provider to access EHR software online through which Claim Savvy will access the billing information necessary to properly process claims.

Do you have a specific IT company that assists with IT support/set-up?

Yes. Claim Savvy uses the same IT support company for all clients - they can help answer any of your IT related questions. 


How often will I receive reports?

Monthly: By the 5th of the month for the previous month’s collections and services (EX: March reports will be sent on April 5th)

What is you estimated/targeted denial rate?

Under 5%

How do you handle denials?

All medical documentation is reviewed and coding is analyzed prior to claims submission to help prevent denials from occurring. If a claim is denied we will we resubmit, schedule a peer to peer with the provider, or send an appeal letter.