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A/R Aging & Analysis

Identifies if accounts are being collected on in a timely manner. Identifies how well a business is collecting on eligible revenue. Measures how efficient a business is managing A/R


Denial Rate

Monitoring of denial rates and reasons can help identify common denial errors and assist with improving current processes and procedures to limit denials from recurring

Productivity & Performance

Monitors volume of services being performed in physician practice or facility. Identifies variances in production that can be used to justify revenue fluctuations


Total Collections

Analyzes and monitors the collection of money from health insurance carriers


Net Collections Ratio

Identifies how well a business is collecting on eligible revenue

Adjustments to Collections Ratio

Identifies and verifies that money is not being written off unnecessarily. Monitors fluctuations in adjustments


Bad Debt Ratio

Identifies poor collection efforts or poor collection policies. Determines if adjustment codes are being used inappropriately to clear off accounts and make other receivables look better